Progress Report.

It’s been a long time since I posted, so I figure the meeting we had yesterday was fruitful enough to merit a mention.

We have decided all the types of game play that will be included in the preliminary release, whilst taking a look into what features would be implemented in the future.

We will soon be looking for someone to model weapons and characters, we are currently putting a complete guide line together before we advertise.

More maps are nearing completion, people using svn stay posted.

We had a surge of activity a while back but it seems we are down to 3 members again. We are in the process of advertising for programmers and have had many promising applications. :-) Real life and the loss of some good members have been a major hold up, but we are getting back on track.

The release date remains “when it is done.” :-) Our preliminary release date was optimistic at best, with having to gather a new team we are hesitant to hazard a guess.

We had a pleasant surprise a month or so ago when we were visited by a few Xonotic forum members who wished us well, thanks all who asked questions, gave feedback.

A note to svn users: We are in the process, of fixing svn, we weren’t actually aware that one of the commits was causing problems on checkout. This will be fixed shortly.

Keep a watch here for the announcement of new team members.


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  1. aCROX999 says:

    Good luck guys. It’s looking good and I’m hoping to see the new models!

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