Huge Progression!

Well, it’s been a very VERY busy week! We’ve held numerous meetings, and discussed things at great length, and now we’re proud to announce: Trinity

What Is Trinity?

Trinity is the name of the new Open Source FPS that we are developing. It’s a futuristic, space-age shooter, that will be very fast paced. We’ve currently got the game to a “shell” stage. Meaning we can run the engine, with limited content, to enable us to more efficiently develop the game.

Our team currently consists of 2 mappers and modellers, 1 engine programmer, 1 music & sound director, 1 art director and 1 quality control inspector.

When will it be released?

We are attempting to get the project playable in a BETA stage for September

How much does it cost?

Zilch, Nada, Nothing. It’s absolutely free!

Can I see pre-release pictures and video?

Soon enough.. Soon Enough ;)

Why is this built on the DarkPlaces Engine?

Well, originally, we planned to develop this game on the Unreal Engine, using the UDK. It’s free to use for non-commercial projects, so that’s good. However, the DarkPlaces engine had many many plus points over the UDK. Mainly, cross-platform compatibility, and the mapping side of things.

Developing a map in DarkPlaces is a lot quicker than it would be in the UDK, yet it still has a very high quality! The UDK requires meshes to be built in a 3D modelling application, and then porting into the UDK etc. With DarkPlaces, we can still work a lot with BSP Brushes and textures, and only put models in when we need intricate detailing.

Is this the end of this news post?

Yes! Yes it is. Thanks for reading, we’ll be back with more updates soon!

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