Progress being made.

Well, last night I set about the task of getting a master server up and running for the new game release. The master server is based on ‘DPMaster’. At the moment though, the master server is an “open-server”. Meaning it can support many games. I don’t know if this is the way it’s going to stay at the moment, or whether the master itself should be coded in such a way that it will only support this game.

The dedicated server has been going through debugging too. Compiled and tested on both Windows and Linux, it seems to be running well. The great thing about it is that it uses a lot of the same source files as the engine itself. So one change is a global change across the both of them.

The dedicated server is talking to the master nicely, and the master is talking back to the dedicated server. This is good! The only problem at the moment is that, while the client *does* speak to the master and retreives a server list, it doesn’t parse the list correctly. A “net_slist” command needs to be ran manually in the console to bring the list back, and it disappears around 10 seconds later.

I believe this lies somewhere in the way the QuakeC is calling the server refresh command. I have made some changes to it, but I’m running into some problems getting it compiled to test. Watch this space!

On another note, Mapping and Modelling is underway! I’ve already seen some of Nic’s work on a new map, and I’m very impressed with what he’s got so far! Expect a lot more of these “Tech Talk” blog posts over the coming weeks!



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