New Recruits

Already we have a few new recruits, welcome Becky, Chris, Patrick and Guy!

Davey and myself now have a better grip on the engine and are ready to start mapping and modelling. We have been brain storming alot of ideas and several weapons have been specified in the whitepaper (there is a copy of it on svn, my bad), it will be hosted on the planner from now on.

There are several tools that will be needed to communicate with each other, here is the list, it will change without notice at some point :-)

Mumble – OpenSource Voip application. Server: port 64810 – Kindly hosted by [T3]Blindman, thanks mate.

IceChat – Internet Relay Chat Client. – FreeNode Servers: Channel: #gtxstudios

Edit: You can also use Web based irc.

XFire – Gaming Social Network application. Very handy to have, built in mumble and text chat, let’s you know when your mates are online, what game they’re playing etc.

Please familiarise yourselves with these apps, mumble is the only one I’d call mandatory. We are hoping to have weekly maybe bi – weekly meetings to update on progress, brainstorm, sort out any encountered problems etc.

Please feel free to drop myself or Davey a line if you need help or have questions. My email:

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