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Texture formats.

After much discussion and a few words of wisdom from Cyryl we have decided to change from the traditional tga textures to direct draw surface (dds). The best thing about it is that it is already implemented in the Dark Places engine, however by default it is turned off, this will be fixed before the [...]

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Texture Pack

Hi again folks, just here to let mappers know that the base texture pack is on svn. All shaders will have to be written again, this will be done on a per map basis as they are submitted, common shaders for clip/weapon clip/hint etc has been uploaded. To make the pack as small as possible [...]

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Progress being made.

Well, last night I set about the task of getting a master server up and running for the new game release. The master server is based on ‘DPMaster’. At the moment though, the master server is an “open-server”. Meaning it can support many games. I don’t know if this is the way it’s going to [...]

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You can talk to us

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